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Dalesbred sheep are indigenous to the upper reaches of the Dales which comprise the central area of the Pennine Hills on the borders of the North and West Ridings of Yorkshire, North Lancashire and Cumbria. Here the Dalesbred sheep are well suited to both hill and lowland farms, able to cope with harsh environments and good pasture grazing capable of producing a quality carcass pure or crossbred lamb from any area suitable for today’s market requirements.

Scrapie Testing

Bentham Auction Mart - Mon 27 Jan 2-3pm

Pateley Bridge Auction Mart - Thurs 6th Feb 1pm

Prime Lamb Sales

Bentham Auction Mart - Weds 29 Jan

Wharfedale Auction Mart - Mon 10 Feb

Individual Ewe Sale

Bentham Auction Mart - Tues 25th Feb